"Am I Getting All I Can From My Business?"

A good accountant will show you how to cut costs without sacrificing quality (and help you reduce your tax bill). 

The one question every business owner needs to ask...

Save Time!


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A good accountant will show you where you are most profitable and how to increase profits over time.

True accounting is more than "bean counting" and taxes.

Save Money!

Increase Profits!

A good accountant will show you how operate more efficiently, saving your most valuable resource, time!

"I was looking for a CPA that could handle my LLC. After interviewing a few that did not fit my criteria, I was finally relieved when I found Roderick Robeson, CPA. He is an extremely knowledgeable accountant, easy to work with, and has a great personality. 

 I would recommend him to anyone!"

Founder, Saunders Music Company

Three Steps to Business Success!


Unparalleled accounting and financial services are provided to aid in your business success!


An extensive "Onboarding Process" is conducted to ensure we have identified all your specific business needs. 

First Step

Third Step

An initial business  consultation is performed to identify your specific business needs. This is a free, no commitment consultation.

Second Step



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"Roderick is a very professional, efficient, thorough, and well-informed accountant. I asked him several unusual tax questions for my tax return and he responded thoroughly, with IRS publication references associated with his answers. I would highly recommend Roderick for anyone who wants their tax return done right!"

Penny T., Iowa, Individual Tax Consulting Client 

Bookkeeping/Back Office

Concierge Accounting

We keep federal and local governmental entities out of your business and out of your pocketbook. 

24/7 support for all your tax, accounting, financial, and business needs.  

Virtual CFO Services

Most small businesses fail due to poor financial management.  My Virtual CFO services allow you to predict and avoid cash flow issues before they arise. 

Customized Services To Meet Your Business Need!

QuickBooks Consulting

QuickBooks setup and consultation for start-ups and businesses that need short-term accounting assistance. 

Business Consulting

Bookkeeping & back office support that allows you to focus on all the things you love about running your business.

My "systems" approach to business will increase profitability, aid in sales growth, and afford you more time to enjoy the money you're making.

Taxes Compliance


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